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I kept finding myself either being asked or offering to curate playlists for different bars, restaurants, and friends. I'm always the one with music ready-to-go at any moment when no one else wants to connect to aux. After a while I started to learn to DJ and found a real passion for it. Having people dance to your music is a great feeling. You get to set the mood. Of course, this all was put on the back burner (thanks COVID) but I'm back and ready to get people dancing again. 

My favorite music to DJ is house/electronic music, late 90's/2000's R&B and Hip-Hop, and dance music from around the world. Although I do enjoy listening to a wide variety of genres on any given day. I've played at chill brewery's, dance clubs, and even a speakeasy for a 1920's themed party. I'm comfortable with exploring new music outside my usual . My library has a collection of disco, experimental, neo-soul/soul, different kinds of punk, electronic, jazz, pub rock, alternative, bossa nova, corridos tumbados, etc. 

Please contact me for availability and rates at:

"...she throws down some great vibes! No joke, it was the perfect ambience. Can't wait to hear more."

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