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FAQ + care instructions

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clothing care
 upcycled pieces - Each item will have varying care instructions. They will be included in your package.
  screen printed apparel - I recommend washing in cold water and tumble dry low. if any care instructions differ, they will be included in package when shipped.

tote bag care 
All totes are made with the appropriate screen printing ink. I recommend washing in cold water. DO NOT MACHINE DRY, it will cause shrinkage.

jewelry care
 soldered pieces - it's best to remove jewelry before bathing, swimming, heavy sweating, and wearing potentially damaging chemicals like perfumes, oils, and sunscreen. if pendant becomes dull after continuous wear, shine with a polishing cloth.
necklaces - for longest lasting wear please avoid water and cosmetics
rings - since they are made from stainless steel and epoxy resin is waterproof, heat + alcohol resistant, they are okay to get wet and whatnot. just avoid long exposures to heat and alcohol!
silver plated pendants - silver plated and made with the same epoxy resin as mentioned above. to maintain these pieces avoid contact with water and cosmetics
gold filled pendants - gold filled jewelry can last indefinitely if cared for properly. resin is waterproof, heat + alcohol resistant. to avoid any wear from setting, take a soft damp cloth and gently wipe off the surface of jewelry.
beaded chokers - avoid contact with water and cosmetics so the clasp does not tarnish
gold plated hoops - avoid contact with water and cosmetics
beaded chains - avoid contact with water and cosmetics


are the handmade pieces the same?
no two pieces will be the same! due to the handmade quality of my stuff they require time and will be unique. this is why I have a 2-4 week ship time. please beware of this before purchasing
do you make custom pieces?
as for now, I'm only taking custom pieces for custom tooth jewelry and certain soldered pieces. no apparel items. feel free to send me a message or an email with any questions and inquires about pricing and such!
where do you get the teeth you use?
people have started gifting me bones/teeth they've found while hiking or camping. I've also found a few companies where they provide animal remains that are ethically sourced. making sure of cruelty free sourcing is very important to me, if it is not clear from the vendor I will reach out and ask
what does ethically sourced mean?
ethically sourced means the products were acquired through responsible and sustainable methods. in my case, meaning that the animal was previously dead (through natural/humane causes) thus extracted in a humane way
have anymore?
if you have any more questions feel free to reach out at: or through Instagram. I hope I'm able to help!
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