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Hello!!!! My name is Raphaella. I'm an independent artist born in Mexico City. I grew up in good old Reno, Nevada and currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Almost all of my family is artistic in one way or another, so this all makes sense for me. My great grandmother was the first female muralist in Mexico, Aurora Reyes, in addition to the countless family members who take a part in the arts. 

I've always enjoyed exploring new ways to create. Currently my main focus is on jewelry making and screen printing; although I'm always picking up new mediums.  

My art is very fluid and not limited to any particular style. I love anything peculiar and existential. Some of my biggest inspirations are the bug world, traditional Mexican art, the desert, giving things a new life, and anything uncanny.

If you have any inquires feel free to send me an email

or reach out via social media

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